UMS Sculpt

UMS Sculpt burns fat and builds muscle to sculpt your body, allowing you to achieve fitness goals that otherwise remain out of reach.

UMS Sculpt FAQ

The treatment is ideal for those who have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and lead an active lifestyle, but are looking to further define hard- to-target areas such as the abs and glutes. Unlike cryo or thermal lipolysis, UMS Sculpt’s HIFEM technology initiates supramaximal muscle contractions that cause the rapid release of fatty acids and destruction of adipose cells. UMS Sculpt is an FDA-cleared to build muscle and eliminate fat for both men and women. Non-invasive, electromagnetic procedure that claims to eliminate fat cells and tighten muscles on four of the most common problem area: abs, glutes, tights and arms. All you have to do is, lie down at a flat chair, sit back and relax as the electromagnetic pulses strengthen your muscle fibers and burn unwanted fat. Sounds too good to be true, right? Patients can achieve sculpted abdomens and toned buttocks without countless hours at the gym. UMS Sculpt is the first body contouring treatment that can build muscle and burn fat to shape and define the abdomen. Its ground-breaking technology also makes UMS Sculpt the world’s only non-invasive butt-lift.

UMS Sculpt achieves its effect with the use of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy delivered through one or two hand piece panels which are applied directly to the treatment area. The delivery of the energy causes an extreme or supramaximal contraction of the muscle which is repeated over the 30 minute session each session works the muscle with an intensity comparable to twenty thousand crunches or squats to stress the muscle fibers and stimulate new muscle development. The extreme energy demands of the muscle causes injury to the surrounding fat cells which then die and are absorbed by the body. This treatment claims to give you abs in just four 30-minute sessions.The way UMS Sculpt works is fairly simple. You don’t know have to do anything but lie down – and enjoy the results later. First, the beautician gauges the amount of belly fat of the patient. A patient then lies down with a paddle-like device, which sort of resembles a small steam iron, strapped to their stomach or butt. According to the target area, an applicator would be placed on my stomach, and would mimic the same effect crunches would do for my tummy: firm and tighten. t was a 30-minute procedure that promised to provide the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups!

UMS Sculpt’s electromagnetic technology then induces supramaximal contractions that feel like you’re doing crunches or lunges, depending on the placement.If you just increased the muscle tone and you have a lot of fat over it, you wouldn’t see it, right? EmSculpt is a combination of breaking down fat and increasing the muscle tone, so you could see the muscles underneath. Throughout the treatment you feel your muscles contracting from the magnetic pull with five break periods with tapping to release the lactic acid in your muscles, so you are not sore the next day as if you did 20,000 crunches or squats. It’s a pain-free procedure, but after the treatment you might be slightly sore, comparable to an intense workout.Studies show a 15 to 20 percent muscle growth and fat reduction in the area after treatment regimen. The fat loss as a result of the treatment is permanent. You can begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment; however, positive results are seen two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

This revolutionary procedure claims to reduce fat and build muscle per session, resulting in a firmer, toned body. The non-invasive treatment takes only four sessions to give you full and lasting effects. This non-invasive procedure to be painless, and you didn’t experience any down time. In independent studies, patients experienced a 16 percent average increase in muscle mass with UMS Sculpt. Many aesthetic experts believe that UMS Sculpt’s ability to build muscle can significantly improve the shape of the body, posture, core strength, and overall well-being.

UMS Sculpt burns fat and builds muscle to sculpt your body, allowing you to achieve fitness goals that otherwise remain out of reach. This is not a major treatment for weight loss. It’s best for individuals who are in good shape already and serves as an ‘icing on the cake’ treatment. UMS Sculpt is an excellent option for women that want to lift, tone, and strengthen their buttocks without surgery or injections. It achieves results far superior to what any manual exercise regime could ever achieve. UMS Sculpt has the science, reliable results, comfort, and convenience that make it a very worthwhile treatment.